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United States Department of the Interior
Montana State Office
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101-4669

November 7, 2011

1200 (MT934.TT) P
Information Bulletin No. MT-2012-006
To:                    All MT/DAKs Employees
From:                State Director
Subject:            Three-Tier Implementation – First Year Assessment Accomplishments
The purpose of this Information Bulletin (IB) is to inform employees of the assessments and action items accomplished over the last year, and on the continuing efforts to implement three-tier in the Montana/Dakotas.
Specifically, the following assessments were completed by various statewide interdisciplinary teams.  The teams provided findings and recommendations to the State Leadership Team (SLT) for final decision and approval of further action by the teams.
Three-tier first year assessment tasks and accomplishments:
Budget Redesign 
  • Evaluate and redesign the statewide budget process, policies, and operations to meet current and future business needs.
    • The Budget Redesign Team reviewed the MT/DAKs budget process. The SLT approved the following changes for FY12:
    • Decentralize all labor funds to the district offices, divisions, and the Billings Field Office (BiFO). Other changes to the statewide budget processes regarding per capita, fixed costs, operational funds, workmonth allocations, lapse, PCS, etc., are being decentralized. Detailed information was outlined in the FY 2012 Preliminary Target Allocations (PTA), Instruction Memorandum No. MT-2012-02, http://web.mt.blm.gov/blm.share/records/fy12/12mtm002.docx.
  • Evaluate communication protocols throughout the three-state area to ensure responsive communications and feedback between State Office divisions, district offices, field offices, and other interested internal and external customers.
    • The Communications Team reviewed internal and external written and verbal communication protocols to improve information flow by identifying specific steps within the Montana/Dakotas on the proper communication process involving correspondence, responses to data calls, briefings, legislation, testimony, conference calls, meetings, and congressional correspondence. The team provided a written report and flowchart of recommendations/changes to current processes to the SLT, which is currently being reviewed. 
Delegation of Authority 
  • Evaluate the current Bureau and State Delegations of Authority Manual (1203 Manual) to determine if changes need to be made to district manager, field manager and State Office managerial authorities taking into consideration quality control, accountability, and integrity responsibilities.
    • The Delegations of Authority Team evaluated and recommended changes to the SLT concerning all functional areas in the Montana/Dakota’s Delegation of Authority Manual.
    • The SLT approved these changes and reissued the new manual supplement on June 15, 2011. 
Assess District/Field Office Boundaries 
  • Assess BiFO’s current stand-alone configuration versus having the office report to a district office, to ensure adequate support and operational efficiencies.
    • The Boundary Review Team assigned to this task consolidated information into the following three proposals:
      • Keeping the BiFO as a stand-alone field office,
      • Realigning the BiFO with the Eastern Montana/Dakotas District Office, or
      • Realigning the BiFO with the Central Montana District Office.
    • The Boundary Review Team recommended that the BiFO be left as a stand-alone field office. This was based on information gathered from key staff and managers pertaining to pros and cons of either proposal. There were no clear cut benefits or efficiencies in changing the status quo. The current BiFO Support Services Charter is in place, outlines logical shared-resource support for the office, and meets the needs of the organization.
    • The SLT approved keeping the BiFO as a stand-alone field office.
  • Evaluate the current three-state area office boundaries to ensure efficient service to the public and other agency partners.
    • The Boundary Review Team assigned to this task consolidated information into the following three proposals:
      • Realign the north half of Lewis and Clark County from the Lewistown Field Office (LFO) to the Butte Field Office (BFO),
      • Realign the Roosevelt, Daniels, and Sheridan Counties from the Miles City Field Office (MCFO) to the Glasgow Field Office (GFO),
      • Realign the Cascade, Teton, and Pondera Counties from the Lewistown Field Office (LFO) to the Hi-Line District Office (HLDO).
    • The Boundary Review Team recommended to realign the north half of Lewis and Clark County from the LFO to the BFO in order to improve services and access to the public, partners, and other administrative efficiencies (such as consolidation of resource receipts, law enforcement coordination, fire dispatch and response), and improve coordination with local and county officials on land resource issues such as rights-of-way, planning, and realty. The other two proposals contained no substantial benefits or efficiencies.
    • The SLT approved the realignment of the north half of Lewis and Clark County from the LFO to the BFO. The Bureau Director approved the boundary change on August 16, 2011. The change was effective on October 1, 2011.
  • Action items still pending:
    • Assess and improve the current organizational structure and staff configurations including the district manager’s core staff, location of shared/scarce skills positions throughout MT/DAKs, and other position efficiencies.
    • Review and re-issue district office support services charters to incorporate changes and decisions made after implementation of additional three-tier decisions and other workforce and position management decisions. 
The Montana/Dakotas Leadership is committed to improving day-to-day operations and making program adjustments, where necessary, to continue to improve our three-tier organization. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement pertaining to three-tier implementation, please contact your immediate supervisor, MDL member, or Greg Pedersen, Management and Program Analyst, at (406) 896-5165.
Signed by:                                                                   Authenticated by:
Katherine P. Kitchell                                                    Aleta Zahorodny
for Jamie E. Connell                                                    Staff Assistant (MT930)
State Director

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