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United States Department of the Interior
Montana State Office
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101-4669

June 8, 2011

1221/1278 (MT934.DD) P
Instruction Memorandum No. MT-2011-050
Expires: 9/30/2012
To:             All Montana/Dakotas Employees
                  Attention: FOIA Field Coordinators, Records Managers, and Program Leads
From:         Deputy State Director, Division of Support Services
Subject:     Internet/Intranet Access Codes for Directives
Program Area: Records Management and Directives
Purpose:  The purpose of this Instruction Memorandum (IM) is to reiterate the definitions and requirements for assigning access codes to all Montana/Dakotas Bureau of Land Management (BLM) directives. The codes determine whether the BLM directives are public or non-public information and if the directives should be posted to the Internet and/or Intranet. 
Policy/Action: This IM replaces IM MT-2007-027 dated February 16, 2007, which expired on September 30, 2008. The definitions for access codes to be used on all BLM directives are: 
P = Public                   Use on directives with full public access. 
A “P” is used when the content of the directive is a policy or practice that directly affects a member of the public and when no information contained in the directive is prohibited from release under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Example of use: Directive on the BLM’s cost recovery policy.
Directives with a “P” access code must be posted on both the Intranet (internal website) and Internet (external website).
I = Internal                 Use on directives that can only be accessed by the BLM staff and that may require a FOIA request for public access.
An “I” is used when (1) the content of the directive contains any information that is prohibited from release without review under the FOIA, and/or (2) when the content is strictly internal BLM policy or practices that do not affect the public. Examples of use: A temporary directive seeking leave donations for a co-worker; a temporary directive distributing a draft policy to other BLM staff for their review and comment.
Directives with an “I” access code must be posted only on the Intranet.
R = Restricted            Use on directives with access restricted to specific BLM staff.
An “R” is used when the content of the directive is administratively sensitive and viewing is restricted to limited BLM personnel who have “a need to know” (i.e., only the person(s) the directive is addressed to, not all BLM employees, and not for public release). Example of use: Directive explaining sensitive security or Law Enforcement procedures.
Directives with an “R” access code must not be posted (linked) on either the Intranet or the Internet.
Access codes must be assigned to all new directives as they are created.  It is the responsibility of the author of the directive to assign the correct access code. If assistance is needed, contact your local Records Manager.
On a temporary directive (IM or Information Bulletin), the access code will follow the subject code and office code, as follows:
                        In Reply Refer To:
                        1278 (MT934.DD) P
On a permanent directive (Manual, Supplement, or Handbook, and Transmittal Sheet Form 1221-1), the access code will be added to the title line, as follows:
                        1400-630 – ABSENCE AND LEAVE (Internal)
Timeframe: Directives will be posted to appropriate websites within 5 working days from issuance.
Budget Impact: None. 
Background: The FOIA at 5 U.S.C. § 552(a)(2)(C) states that agencies must make available to the public “administrative staff manuals and instructions to staff that affect a member of the public.” One way the BLM meets this requirement is by posting public directives to Electronic Reading Rooms on our external (public) websites. Washington Office IM No. 2003-089, introduced new definitions for access codes to be assigned to all BLM directives and established policy for designating which directives should be posted to Internet (external) and/or Intranet (internal) websites.
Manual/Handbook Sections Affected:  BLM Manual 1221 – Directives and BLM Manual Handbook H-1221-1 – Writing and Formatting Directives.  All current, existing Manuals and Handbooks are also affected to the extent that they must be given an access code in accordance with this IM.
(Note: The directives access codes defined in this IM do not affect the Records Access Categories established in the BLM Manual 1278.)
Coordination: None; reissued directive only.
Contact: If you have any questions concerning this IM, please contact Debbie DeBock, State Records Administrator, Montana State Office, at (406) 896-5157.
Signed by:                                                                               Authenticated by:
Diane M. Friez                                                                          Lynnell Cellmer
Deputy State Director                                                             Records Management Assistant
Division of Support Services                                                   (MT934)

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