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United States Department of the Interior 
Montana State Office
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101-4669 
June 3, 2010
1203, 1382, 1510 (MT9340.TT) P
Instruction Memorandum No. MT-2010-053
Expires: 9/30/2011
To:                   Leadership Advisory Team
From:               Acting State Director

Subject:           Change to the Montana Manual Supplement,1203- Delegation of Authority, Release No. 1-361, August 13, 2009, for Approval of Per Diem and Purchase of Meals and Refreshments

Program Area:  This Instruction Memorandum covers the delegations of authority, travel, and acquisition program areas. 

Purpose: The purpose of this IM is to change the Montana Manual Supplement, 1203 - Delegation of Authority, dated August 13, 2009, to reflect two changes in the program areas of travel and acquisition.
Policy/Action: This IM delegates from the State Director to the Deputy State Directors and District Managers the following authorities related to travel and acquisition. The first authority pertains to the approval of actual per diem and lodging costs up to 300 percent of the allowable per diem or lodging allowance for the locality. This change is based on the attached Delegation of Authority form (Attachment 1) for the travel program, Subject Function Code 1382, for Actual Per Diem, dated April 20, 2010, from the Washington Office. The second authority pertains to the approval of the purchase of meals and refreshments with appropriated funds for certain circumstances when specific enabling legislation or statute exists, such as Amendment 89 to the Federal Travel Regulations; the Government Employees Training Act; the Government Employees Incentive Awards Act; Public Law 98-540, to amend the Volunteers in the Parks Act of 1969; or various Comptroller General decisions.  Please review Attachment 2, Washington Office IM 2006-001, for additional guidance. 
Subject Code/
X = Delegation         Œ=OG Operations in MCFO, NDFO, and GFFO Only
O = Cannot be re-delegated v=OG Operations in MCFO and NDFO Only
MM = Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Manager Only
920 DSD
930 DSD
Approve written request for actual per diem or lodging costs up to 300 percent of the allowable per diem or lodging allowance for the locality.  After request has been approved, travel authorization and voucher can be approved by normal temporary duty travel approving officials with approved request attached.
1510 Acquisition
Approve purchase of refreshments/meals with appropriated funds
Timeframe: Effective Immediately.
Budget Impact:  Minimal.
Background:  The Travel (Subject Function Code 1382) and the Acquisition (Subject Function Code 1510) for the two referenced delegations limited authority to the State Director level only. This IM delegates the authority level from the State Director to the Deputy State Directors and District Managers.
Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: Montana Supplement to the 1203 - Delegation of Authority Manual Release No. 1-361, dated August 13, 2009.
Coordination:  N/A
Contact: If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Tracy Thoricht, Management and Program Analyst (MT9340), at (406) 896-5224.
Signed by:                                                                                           Authorized by:
Diane M. Friez                                                                                    Jennifer C. McKinley
for Howard A. Lemm                                                                         Staff Assistant (MT9340)
Acting State Director
2 Attachments
       2-WO IM-2006-001 (8 pp in its entirety)