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United States Department of the Interior
Montana State Office
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101-4669

July 20, 2009

8100 (MT9240.3) P
Information Bulletin No. MT-2009-047
To:        State Management Team     
From:    Deputy State Director, Division of Resources         
Subject: Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 Cultural Resources Management (CRM) Program Annual
              Report; Data Call for CRM and Museum Collections Activities
DD: 8/15/2009
Please find attached the request from the Washington Office for completion of the Cultural Resources Management Program Annual Report (Attachment 1). As in previous years, the report represents the collective accomplishments of the Cultural Resources Management Program for a given fiscal year. It also serves as a component of the reporting requirements for the National Programmatic Agreement.
The report is due to this office by August 15, 2009. As with last year’s report, the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of the Interior have accelerated the schedule for submission of this data 
Please carefully review the subject IB for required data. Further, we are not requesting that the report for the Montana State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) be included for this data call. That request will come after the SHPO and MSO have completed their review of reporting requirements.
If you have any questions regarding the annual report, contact Gary Smith at 406-896-5214.
Signed by:                                                       Authenticated by:
Theresa M. Hanley                                          Kathy Iszler
Deputy State Director                                     Staff Assistant (MT9240)
Division of Resources
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