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United States Department of the Interior
Montana State Office
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101-4669

November 1, 2007

In Reply To:
2930 (924.2) P   
Instruction Memorandum No. MT-2008-013
Expires: 09/30/09
To:       Field Managers
           Attention:  Outdoor Recreation Planners
From:   Deputy State Director, Division of Resources
Subject: Request for Comments on Draft IM for Developing Statewide Policy on
         Commercial SRPs, Obtaining Examples of SRP Forms in Order to
          Develop Standard Forms, and Completing Follow-Up on 2006-2007 SRP
          Audit Recommendations                                  DD: 11/30/07
Purpose:  The Montana State Office (MSO) is requesting comments on a draft statewide policy IM (Attachment 1) that will provide policy resulting from the recommendations made in the BLM Montana/Dakotas 2006-2007 Special Recreation Permit (SRP) Audit. This proposed policy was developed to assure that the public receives fair market value from the commercial use of its public land, and that the BLM Montana/Dakotas continues to issue, administer, and collect fees in a standard manner and in accordance with the BLM’s SRP Handbook, H-2930-1 - Recreation Permit Administration and federal regulations. The State Office is also requesting comments on any additional guidance or policy that field offices determine is necessary or will help ensure consistency in administering the SRP program in the Montana/Dakotas.
Please provide examples or comments regarding the following SRP forms:
(1) Uniform Fee Calculation, (2) Standard Permit Conditions and Stipulations, (3) Trip Log, (4) Evaluation, and (5) Operating Plan Format. The audit found discrepancies and inconsistencies in the use of these forms and stipulations between and within field offices. These inconsistencies resulted in missing or inadequate information. The MSO will take the examples and comments provided and develop standard forms to be used by all field offices. 
For field offices that had audits completed (Butte, Dillon, Lewistown, Malta, and Miles City) a written follow-up response is required. This response should address each issue identified in the audit and outline the follow-up action that has taken place to address the issue. 
Background:  As directed by the WO, BLM Montana/Dakotas conducted a formal audit of SRPs in 2006-2007. An individual analysis was sent to each field office that had SRPs audited. In addition, a copy of the statewide analysis and recommendations was sent to all field offices. The statewide analysis made nine recommendations.  The audit showed discrepancies between the field offices regarding forms issued to applicants, determining gross revenues, discounts using BLM-administered lands, insurance requirements, billings, and evaluations. These recommendations have been compiled in a draft, statewide policy IM. The rationale for this change is to strengthen and correct the administrative operations of the BLM Montana/Dakotas SRP program. 
Timeframe:  Comments on the proposed IM and any other permit-related items should be sent to Christina Miller by November 30, 2007, as well as examples and comments on the noted forms. The offices that received individual audit reports should complete a response to issues identified in the audit. An audit response table is provided (Attachment 2).  Please submit that report to the Deputy State Director, Division of Resources (MT-924), by November 30, 2007.
Budget Impact: None. 
Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: H-2930-1 Recreation Permit Administration
Contact: If you have questions or concerns regarding this IM, contact
Christina Miller, at (406) 896-5038.
Signed by: Theresa M. Hanley, Deputy State Director, Division of Resources
Authenticated by: Kathy Iszler, Staff Assistant (MT-924)
2 Attachments
    2-Audit Response Table (2 pp)
Distribution w/Attms.
Assistant Field Manager, Havre Field Station – 1
Assistant Field Manager, Glasgow Field Station – 1
SOMT – 1

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