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United States Department of the Interior
Montana State Office
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101-4669

 October 1, 2007

In Reply To:
1400-713 (910) P
EMAIL TRANSMISSION – 10/1/07                                                                                                 
Information Bulletin No. MT-2008-001
To:                   All Montana/Dakotas Employees
From:               State Director
Subject:            Diversity Awareness Month
The month of October 2007, has been designated as BLM Montana/Dakotas Organization “Diversity Awareness Month.” Diversity is defined as “the condition of being different.” This month we can recognize all our human differences. Human differences may affect our customer relationships, our work relations, and our personal relationships.
Diversity is much broader than race and gender; it is inclusive and concerns us all. We are all unique and diverse. This month will give us the opportunity to visualize and appreciate how different and similar we all are.
During this month, the State Office and Field Office collateral-duty EEO staff will be organizing events and activities for all employees. If you would like to know more about events and activities in your office or how you can participate or get more involved, please contact your EEO office contact listed below.
State Office/BiFO      Laura Schmier, Lisa Engelmann, Christina Miller,
                                    Charlene Gunther, Cindy Staszak, Joan Trent, JoAnn Heins,
                                    Rebecca Spurgin, Connie Schaff, Barney Whiteman, Melissa Half
Butte FO                     Scot Franklin
Dillon FO                     Angie Morse
Lewistown FO            Daniel Frank and Zane Fulbright
Malta FO                     Debra Young
Miles City FO              Kathy Bockness and Bobby Baker
Missoula FO               Maria Craig
North Dakota FO      Corinne Walter
South Dakota FO      Terry DeBois
If you have any questions concerning this memorandum, please contact Sara Romero-Minkoff, EEO Manager, or Nancy Oliver, Staff Assistant, at 406-896-5180/5010.
Let’s celebrate “Diversity” together.
Signed: Gene R. Terland
Authenticated: Nancy Oliver (MT-910)

Last updated: 06-28-2012