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United States Department of the Interior
Montana State Office
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101-4669

February 20, 2007

In Reply To: 
5000 (923) P
Instruction Memorandum No. MT-2007-031
Expires: 9/30/08
To:      Field Managers
From:    Deputy State Director, Division of Resources
Subject: Preparation and Process for Stewardship Contracting Authority Projects
Program Area: Forestry, Fuels, Rangelands, Wildlife, Riparian, Support Services
Purpose: This IM establishes the process for submitting the contracts for projects that will use the Stewardship Contracting Authority.
Policy/Action: Field managers are directed to continue to follow the direction provided in IM No. MT-2006-048 for requesting the use of Stewardship Contracting Authority on specific projects. All Stewardship Contracting Authority projects will be approved by the State Director prior to any contracts or agreements being developed for those projects.
The Stewardship “End Results” Contracting Guidance Version 2.0 (http://www.blm.gov/nhp/spotlight/forest_initiative/stewardship_contracting/Stewardship_Contracting_Guidance_2-0.pdf) provides the foundation to determine which type of contract or assistance agreement best matches the field office’s project design.
There are basically three types of contracts; Service contracts with service values expected to exceed $100,000; Service contracts with service values expected to be below $100,000; and Forest Product contracts. Each of these contracts has specific limitations and applications which are spelled out in the guidance.
Stewardship assistance agreements may be used only in very specific project situations. Use and application of this type of instrument is also spelled out in the guidance.
The State Office, in conjunction with field office input, developed a Stewardship Service contract template (attached) that will facilitate field office contract development. This template is to be used for all 
Montana/Dakotas Stewardship contracts utilizing the service contract format. Also submit the attached Stewardship Request Submittal Checklist.
Field managers are directed to send all Stewardship contracts, those with services above or below $100,000, as well as those using the modified Forest Products contracts, and all Stewardship assistance agreements to Mary Clark, State Office Procurement Analyst, prior to any contract/agreement solicitation or negotiation processes occurring. This will enable the State Office to better assist the field in development of Stewardship contracts and agreements. The State Office will also be in a better position to respond to questions raised by the National Business Center and/or the National Science & Technology Center.
Timeframe: This IM is effective immediately.
Budget Impact: Effect of this IM on the budget is minimal. Except for the Stewardship Forest Products contracts and assistance agreements, the Stewardship Service contracts were already being sent to the State Office. To date, no Stewardship agreements have been issued and only three projects have used the Stewardship Forest Products contract.
Background: Stewardship guidance was originally issued in July 2004. A significant revision to this guidance occurred in November 2005. Stewardship contracting terminology has constantly been changing. The process outlined in this IM will facilitate the state in keeping up with those changes in new Stewardship contracts as they occur.
Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: BLM “End Results” Stewardship Contracting Guidance, Version 2.0 provides the most recent guidance on accomplishing Stewardship projects.
Coordination: This IM has been coordinated with the Division of Support Services.
Contact: Questions pertaining to this IM may be made to Bill Hensley at (406) 896-5042 or Mary Clark at (406) 896-5205.
Signed by: Theresa M. Hanley, DSD, Div. of Resources
Authenticated by: Kathy Iszler, Staff Assistant (924)
2 Attachments
    1-Stewardship Template (47 pp in its entirety)
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