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Montana/Dakotas Instruction Memoranda FY2007

Issued 10/01/2006 to 09/30/2007

Date Issued


Subject Line

9/20/2008 MT-2007-081 Rangeland Management  
9/20/2007MT-2007-080Memorandums of Understanding
9/17/2007 MT-2007-078Heavy Equipment Management  
9/14/2007 MT-2007-077 Wildlife Escape Ramps in Water Developments  
8/27/2007MT-2007-075 National Invasive Species Information Management System (NISMS)  
8/16/2007MT-2007-071 Implementation of IM No. 2007-028, REA-Final Public Participation Policy for Certain Recreation Fee Adjustments and Proposed New Fee Sites/Areas  
7/16/2007MT-2007-062 Zero Tolerance Policy on Sexual Harassment and Equal Opportunity  
7/6/2007MT-2007-060Onshore Oil and Gas Operations, Approval of Operations  
6/26/2007MT-2007-056 Approval to Purchase Ads to Promote Wild Horse and Burro Program  
5/21/2007 MT-2007-053 Notice to Lessees (NTL) 2007-1 for Utilizing Electronic Flow Computers (EFC) for Gas Management  
4/20/2007MT-2007-052 Update of Montana/Dakotas Minimum Price List for Forest and Rangeland Vegetative Products  
4/11/2007MT-2007-050 Web Pages  
3/29/2007MT-2007-045 Montana/Dakotas NEPA Status Reports (NEPA Log) Format  
3/14/2007MT-2007-040 American the Beautiful Volunteer Pass  
3/13/2007MT-2007-039 Involvement in State Legislative Process  
3/9/2007MT-2007-037 Montana/Dakotas Statewide Meetings/Workshops
3/2/2007MT-2007-035 Montana/Dakotas Strategy for Managing the Backlog of Unprocessed Grazing Permits  
2/23/2007MT-2007-033 Approved Asset Management Plan Business Rules  
2/20/2007MT-2007-031 Preparation and Process for Stewardship Contracting Authority Projects
2/16/2007 MT-2007-028 Joint Forest Service/Bureau of Land Management Personal Use Firewood Permits  
2/16/2007 MT-2007-027 Internet/Intranet Access Codes for Directives  
2/26/2007 MT-2007-026 Installation of Oil Filtration System on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Vehicles and Equipment  
2/13/2007 MT-2007-025 Action Plan for Oil and Gas Bond Adequacy Reviews
12/21/2006MT-2007-016 BLM Energy and Non-Energy Mineral Policy and the Withdrawal Program  
12/13/2006MT-2007-015 Special Status Species List Update  
12/13/2006MT-2007-014 Request for Compilation of Data for Cooperating Agency (CA) Report Regarding Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Environmental Assessments (EA)
12/8/2006MT-2007-013Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 Deadlines for Submission of Purchase Requisitions  
11/9/06MT-2007-010 Montana/Dakotas' Statewide Priorities, FY 2007-2009