Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery visited Montana and the Dakotas on the epic journey of the early 1800s. Their reports of the vast plains and breathtaking mountains encouraged others to follow and permanently settle here. Trappers, miners, railroaders, settlers, and either bought, claimed, or were given much of the land not set aside for Indian reservations or national forests. But about eight million acres of the public domain, or what we refer to as public lands, remain in these three states.

To manage these vast resources, our agency hires individuals in occupations such as range management, forestry, biology, civil and petroleum engineering, geology, hydrology, surveying, outdorr recreation planning, environmental planning and protection, archeology, wildfire management, and law enforcement. We also recruit administrative positions in such fields as budget, contracting, purchasing, human resources, realty, information technology, telecommunications, and clerical.

If you're looking for a job opportunity that promotes the health and productivity of public lands and you'd like to follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, give us a try.

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