Mining Claim Packet
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Mining Claim Information:

Mining Claims and Sites on Federal Lands (Brochure)

Before You Purchase a Mining Claim from and Internet Site

1:100,000 SME Index Map

Montana/Dakotas Field Office Locations/Boundaries Map

Things to Watch for When Submitting Annual Filings and New Locations Certificates
Assessment Work Qualifications
Mining claim Fee Requirements
LR2000 Database
Mineral Patent Application Moratorium
Off Road Vehicle Regulations
Fire Danger
Recreational Gold Prospecting on Public Lands 
Mining Claim Forms:

Certificate of Location-(Placer)

Certificate of Location-(Lode)

Notice of Location 

Stock Raising Homestead Application (Form 3830-3)

Quit Claim Deed

Annual Assessment Forms:
Maintenance Fee Payment Form (Lodes, Mill Sites and Tunnel Sites) (Form 3830-5)
Maintenance Fee Payment Form (Placers) (3830-5a)
Maintenance Fee Waiver Certification Form (3830-2)
Affidavit of Annual Assessment Work (Form 3830-4)
Notice of Intention to Hold