In accordance with the Consumer Price Index and published in the Federal Register dated June 30, 2014, as required by regulations, there has been an increase in mining claim maintenance anmd location fees.

The new claim location fee is $37 for each mining claim or site. The new maintenance fee is $155 for each lode claim, mill or tunnel site; and $155 for each 20 acres or fraction thereof for each placer mining claim. Mining claimants must pay the new location and maintenance fee for any mining claim or site located on or after September 2, 2014.

Mining claimants must also pay the new maintenance fee for existing mining claims or sites on or before September 2, 2014. For those individuals who have already paid your 2015 maintenance fees, you will be given the opportunity to submit the additional monies needed to keep your mining claim(s) current. 

 For more information click the link to see the Federal Register.

Annual maintenance fees for existing active mining claims and sites may be paid through the

This site is available 24 hours a day. The BLM payment portal provides the ability to query eligible mining claims and sites for payment through an interface with the Legacy Rehost (LR2000) public reporting data base; select claims and sites to be paid; and then transfer to for payment of the maintenance fees for the selected claims and sites. At this time, only credit card payments are accepted and treasury limits apply.


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