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The BLM Montana/Dakotas Lands and Realty staff is responsible for processing land use authorizations and land tenure adjustments on the public lands. Use authorizations, which are all processed at the field office level, include rights-of-way for energy development and in support of community growth, road access, communication sites, film permits, long-term leases, and Recreation and Public Purpose (R&PP) leases. Trespasses on the public lands are also investigated by field office staff, prosecuted and resolved. If you want to file an application for a use authorization, please contact the field office that has jurisdiction over the lands that are affected by your proposal (see map on Montana/Dakotas homepage).

Land tenure adjustments include land exchanges and land acquisitions to support resource management and public recreation. Public land parcels that are isolated, with little public resource value or are no longer needed in federal ownership, may be offered for competitive public sale. Also, to protect significant resources on the public lands or to maintain the status quo, BLM processes new withdrawal actions and withdrawal revocations for all of the federal land managing agencies. BLM also has an active road easement acquisition program to gain access to the public lands for administrative and public use. 

Check out the BLM National website at   for guidance, regulations and other information about the BLM Lands and Realty Program.

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