Notice to Lessees (NTLs)

  • NTL 2007-1 - Standards for the Use of Electronic Flow Computers Used on Differential Type flow Meters for Gas Measurement
    Authorizes the use of Electronic Flow Computers for gas measurement.
  • NTL-3A - Reporting of Undesirable Events
    Provides reporting requirements and notification regarding spills.
  • NTL-MSO-1-92 - Reporting of Undesirable Events
    This Montana NTL supplements the Bureawide NTL-3A with the current regulation citation and reporting requirements on spills.
  • NTL-4A- Venting and Flaring of Gas
    Provides reporting requirements and approval necessary for flaring and/or venting associated gas.
  • NTL-MSO-1-85 - Cultural Resource Surveys
    Provides guidelines to operators on cultural resource surveys associated with approval of Applications for Permit to Drill (APD) and other lease operations.


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