Surface Operating Standards

Gold Book (Fourth Edition, Revised 2007)

  • This guidance has been developed to aid the operator in permit approval and conduct of oil and gas operations from exploration to development and production, to abandonment. Information is provided for preparation of the surface use and drilling programs. 

Standard Environmental Colors Chart (pdf)

  • Standard colors for painting permanent oil and gas facilities.  Note: This .pdf version of the color chart is for general information and is not a true representation of the actual colors. Only an original color chart with real paint chips (not a computer-printed version) can be used accurately in the field to judge paint color or scanned at a paint store for proper paint mixing.  You may order two copies of the color chart for free from: or fax 303-236-0845.  Provide your name and complete physical street address (no post office boxes) and your phone number. 

9113 Roads Manual (June 1985) (pdf-4.7 mb)  This manual provides BLM road construction standards.

  • H-9113-1  Guidelines for Determination of Curve Widening
  • H-9113-2  Roads--Inventory and Maintenance 

Migratory Bird Guidance

  • Guidance for Modification of Production Equipment to Prevent Wildlife Mortality


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