Over-the-Counter Sales

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Procedures Regarding Over-the-Counter
Filings the Day After a Competitive Sale
For those applicants who wish to expedite the refund process, the Montana State Office will accept two checks with each application: one check for the required filing fee (click here to see the 2010 cost recovery schedule) and one check for the first year rental.  The filing fee check will be processed upon receipt. If the applicant is the only applicant for the parcel, the advance rental check will also be processed. If there are multiple applicants for a parcel, the first year rental check will be held until the results of the drawing. If the applicant is successful, the first year rental check will be deposited. If the applicant is unsuccessful, the check will be returned.
This is an optional procedure. Applicants may still submit one check for one or more parcels, and any refunds due will be processed as has been done in the past.
The use of credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) will also expedite any refund due.
If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please contact our Public Assistance Staff at 406 896-5004 or Accounts Staff at 406 896-5070.