The BLM has a key role in developing and delivering energy to meet the needs of America's homes, businesses, and communities.  Promoting dependable and environmentally sound energy production on federal public lands can help the U.S achieve energy independence.

BLM manages a vast federal mineral estate in Montana and the Dakotas encompassing some 47 million acres. That’s an area roughly the size of Nebraska. The prudent management and environmentally responsible development of energy minerals—coal, oil and gas—are important parts of our conservation mandate.  

State Director Talks Energy in BLM Montana/Dakotas - Letter

Traditional oil and gas activity is scattered across the three states with significant fields in two areas: the Williston Basin in western North Dakota and eastern Montana and the general vicinity of Great Falls in west-central Montana. Natural gas also occurs in significant quantities in coal seams, particularly those in the Powder River Basin. In 2007, there were about 6,000 oil and gas leases covering nearly 5.3 million acres in the three states.