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What are BLM’s National Conservation Lands?

The National Conservation Lands, also known as National Landscape Conservation System, are comprised of special areas and sites that have been recognized and managed to protect and conserve their exceptional values. They include wilderness areas, national monuments, wild and scenic rivers, national scenic and historic trails, wilderness study areas and more. All have been established either by an Act of Congress or by Presidential Proclamation.

 Click to download National Conservation System Map for Montana 
 Click map to download National Conservation System Map for Montana
The BLM Montana/Dakotas manages 46 conservation units totaling nearly one million acres (out of over 889 units totaling 27 million acres nationally). These areas also include 336 miles of National Historic and Scenic Trails and 149 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers in Montana.

The National Conservation Lands are uniquely diverse. They encompass red-rock deserts and rugged ocean coastlines, deep river canyons and broad Alaskan tundra. Many areas are remote abd wild but others are surprisingly accessible. The National Conservation Lands also reveal and protects our cultural legacy. They safeguard American Indian cliff dwellings and cultural sites, and preserves the remaining traces of our Nation's historic trails and pathways. The mission of the Conservation Lands is to conserve, protect, and restore these nationally significant landscapes that are recognized for their outstanding cultural, ecological, and scientific values.

National Conservation Lands are part of an active, vibrant landscape where people live, work and play. They offer exceptional opportunities for recreation, solitude, wildlife viewing, exploring history, scientific research, and a wide range of traditional uses.

These places spark the imagination. Their spacious beauty has drawn people to the West for generations. The National Conservation Lands sustain for the future-and for everyone-these remarkable landscapes of the American spirit.

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In addition to these units, Montana also has 39 wilderness study areas.