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Prairie Side-Notched   1,300-600 B.P.  

Prairie Side-Notched points are irregular in outline, with poorly defined angles.  These points exhibit mediocre bifacial flaking that often left portions of the original surface of the blank not retouched.  Flakes are broad and conchoidal.  Poor flaking and lack of symmetry are characteristics of the Prairie Side-Notched type.  Side-notches are large, wide, and shallow.  Notches are often times so low on the blade they could be classified as corner-notched.  Bases are straight, concave or convex.  Bases are often narrower than the proximal end of the blade, although they may be equal to or wider than the blades.  The corners of the base are almost always rounded.  Length of Prairie Side-Notched   projectile points ranges from 11 to 41 mm, width ranges from 9 to 22 mm, and thickness ranges from 2 to 7.5 mm.  Kehoe

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