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Thomas H. Lewis Archival Collection

Thomas Lewis was born July 28, 1919, in Boyd, Montana. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington and a medical degree from Duke University.  Dr. Lewis worked at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, and later assumed the position of chief of psychiatry and neurology at Georgetown University.  He also researched and published on religious practices of the Lakota Sioux, the history of Red Lodge, and Montanan rock art.  He published more than 350 articles on anthropology, archaeology, history, medicine, biology, ethnology, and anatomy in professional journals throughout the world.

The collection consists of documents dated from 1964 to 2005, with the bulk falling between 1969 and 1985.  The collection includes his private research, photographs, correspondence, book collection, book drafts and manuscripts, newspaper and journal articles, rock art site forms, rock art tracings, and various pieces of material culture from his research on South and North American Indians.  Areas of local interest included in this collection are drawings and extensive notes from over 100 rock art sites in Montana, oral histories from Lakota medicine men, such as Frank Fools Crow, and research on the history of Red Lodge.