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Quarterly Steward

Summer 2011

completed guzzler 

Kate Kitchell is New Associate State Director 

Kate Kitchell is the new associate state director of the Montana/Dakotas BLM. She replaces Howard Lemm, who retired in July 2010.  Kitchell began her federal career in 1975 with the National Park Service and joined the BLM in 1989 in Colorado.  She’s held BLM management positions in Colorado, Utah, and Idaho in field and state offices. In 2005, she moved to the U.S. Geological Survey where she was most recently director of the Southwest Biological Science Center in Flagstaff. [Read full story]  

Missouri Breaks interpretive center  

Fifth Anniversary Celebration at the Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center
The Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Interpretive Center, at 701 7th Street in Fort Benton, will host a series of events this summer in commemoration of its fifth year of operation.  From  May 28 through August 13, there will be  a special photo exhibit featuring unique places in Montana and throughout the West, including the Upper Missouri River Breaks.  [Read full story]


cavalry stables at Ft. Meade Recreation Area 

America's Great Outdoors in our Own Backyard 
by Mary Apple, Montana State Office  

Gas prices are rising, the kids are already bored with their summer “staycation,” it’s hot or it’s raining, the lawn needs mowing---YOU NEED A VACATION!  But, gas is nearing four bucks a gallon, and weekends only last two days. Not to worry. There’s plenty to do in Montana and the Dakotas on the public lands nearest you.  [Read full story]


Lance Taylor shows off his new radio 

Excess Radios Go to Worden Fire Department
by Mary Apple, Montana State Office 

The Montana/Dakotas BLM recently assisted the Worden Fire Department (WFD) with the acquisition of much-needed communication equipment. The BLM sold 33 portable radios, complete with accessories, to the Worden Fire Department for the bargain basement price of $25 each.  Lance Taylor, chief of Worden Fire, worked with Alan Miller, BLM electronics technician, to lay the groundwork for the sale of the equipment.   [Read full story]


sand dune habitat  

Cows Rescue Rare Plants
by Ryan Martin, Dillon Field Office

“Hammer it, take it to the dirt and make it look like a golf course.” That’s what I told J Bar L Ranch Manager Bryan Urling in the spring of 2009. The two of us were discussing livestock management for the 780-acre BLM Sand Dunes grazing allotment in the beautiful Centennial Valley. Bryan looked a little stunned as he scratched his head and assured me he would do his best. This was uncharted territory for him, coming from a ranch that prides itself on healthy rangelands and sound livestock management practices.  [Read full story]


biologists collect blood samples from a bighorn sheep

BLM and Montana FWP Move Bighorns
by Craig Flentie, Central Montana District

By any measure, it was an unusual day for 46 bighorn sheep residing on BLM-managed public land near the Missouri River north of Winifred, Mont.
This particular late-winter morning dawned gray and cold with a thin blanket of fresh snow. Prompted by their need-to-feed, the bighorns stirred early and moved from their bedding areas in the steep coulees common to the Missouri Breaks. They zigzagged their way to the snow covered benches where they would browse on the variety of grasses and forbs that still held a little late winter nutrition.  [Read full story]