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Internship Turns Permanent

by Ann Boucher, Montana State Office

Velvett Cummins

A student internship turned into permanent employment for Velvett Cummins.
Photo by Katie Merwin

Velvett Cummins is a keeper. 

A business student at Rocky Mountain College, Cummins took a temporary position at the Montana State Office last June to fulfill an internship requirement. Although it was slated to last only a few months, the arrangement has turned long term – with benefits all around. Cummins has since landed a permanent job with the BLM, the BLM has gained a skilled employee, and Rocky is claiming another internship success story.

“We brought her on temporarily to help fill in the gaps in anticipation of some retirements and to be ready for the fire season,” said Mary Clark, Branch Chief for Business and Fiscal Services. “But she had such a great attitude and was such a quick learner that we encouraged her to apply for a permanent position.”

Cummins did apply, and was hired as a purchasing agent trainee. She finished her degree in December and now is working full time.  “A business education is now a requirement for new hires in the procurement field,” noted Clark, “so Velvett is a perfect fit.”

Blaire Martin, RMC’s director of career services, says the school works hard to place its students in internships that match their interests and talents. In Cummins’ case, the match was so good that Rocky is featuring her in its latest promotional brochure. 
For more information about the BLM’s Student Career Experience Program, contact Todd Walton at 406-896-5118.



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