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Release Date: 06/21/12
Contacts: Craig Flentie    
  (406) 538-1943    

Changes In BLM Leafy Spurge Flea Beetle Public Collection Opportunities

Lewistown, MT----Due to restricted access to established flea beetle collection sites on private property, the Lewistown Field Office will not able to host a public flea beetle public collection day this year. 

“However, the BLM will organize several smaller collection efforts for those interested in collecting flea beetles and introducing them to other leafy spurge infestations.  We’ll make arrangements to take four or five people out a day; however the collection sites we visit will be smaller sites, accessed only by two-track trails,” offered Mike Barrick, a BLM range technician in Lewistown.    

Those interested in collecting flea beetles from these smaller sites should contact Barrick at (406) 538-1920 to make arrangements for a suitable meeting day, place, time and potential vehicle type to access sites. 

Collection days will last into the late afternoon, so all participants should bring a lunch, drinking water, sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the day.  All the beetles collected will be divided equally among the participants. 

Flea beetles have proven to be effective in reducing the size of leafy spurge infestations.  They are slow to establish and typically require several years to build a population large enough to start destroying the root systems of leafy spurge plants.  Flea beetles in conjunction with chemicals provide a person’s best option for reducing leafy spurge infestations.  

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