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Release Date: 03/07/11
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BLM Completes Grazing Renewal Assessment

The Bureau of Land Management’s Lewistown Field Office (BLM) has completed the final Great Falls Area Grazing Lease Renewal Environmental Assessment (EA).

The EA assesses resource conditions on 48,361 acres of BLM-administered public lands encompassing 101 BLM grazing allotments in Meagher, Cascade, Lewis and Clark, Teton, and Pondera counties. It also identifies and evaluates management actions needed to ensure that rangeland health standards are met, and that livestock grazing practices conform with management guidelines. 

Now that the final EA is completed, individual proposed decisions will be issued on each of the 92 grazing leases associated with the 101 allotments. The proposed decisions will cancel the existing leases and will result in issuance of new 10-year grazing leases. The new leases will be issued with terms and conditions based on the proposed action and will incorporate the Standards and Guidelines for Rangeland Health.

Certified copies of the EA have been sent to applicants, lessees, and other interested publics and they will have 15 days from their receipt of the EA to protest a proposed decision. In the absence of a protest, the proposed decision will become the final decision of the authorized officer without further notice. Any applicant, lessee, or other person whose interest is adversely affected by the final decision may file an appeal in accordance with 43 CFR 4.470 and 43 CFR 4160.4. 

The final EA is available on the BLM website at:

Additional information is available from Adam Carr or Dan Brunkhorst at the Lewistown Field Office at (406) 538-1900.

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