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Release Date: 10/01/10
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BLM Billings Field Office Hazardous Fuels Projects for Winter 2010-2011

The Bureau of Land Management will be conducting multiple fuels mitigation, restoration, and range improvement projects throughout the fall and winter months. These projects are located in several south central counties of Montana.

The Fishtail Butte project is located in Stillwater County and is 40 acres in size. It will include hazardous fuels removal and healthy forest restoration efforts. This project will begin in October. BLM and Forest Service crews will be hand cutting the excess trees. Larger material will be extracted, and slash will be piled for burning after the snow flies. 

The Kendall Coulee prescribed fire is 1,800 acres and located in Yellowstone County.  The goals for this project include hazardous fuels reduction and range improvement. This project will be started early fall. 

The Silver Spur project is located in Musselshell County and covers 150 acres. Efforts for this project include forest restoration, hazardous fuels reduction, and range improvement. This project will take place during the fall and is part of the Horsethief project near Roundup. Marketable material will be harvested, and the remaining slash will be piled for winter burning once snow is on the ground.

The Randall Keen prescribed fire is 800 acres and also located in Musselshell County. This project will be healthy forest restoration and range improvement. The project will start in early spring as weather allows. Activities will be the same as the Silver Spur Project. This project is west of the prescribed fire that took place last March in the Horsethief area.

The Yellowstone River Ranch project is 135 acres and is located in Stillwater County. It is a hazardous fuels removal project. Previously generated piles will be burned over the course of the winter once snow is on the ground and as weather allows.

The Pompeys Pillar and Sundance projects total 320 acres and are both located in Yellowstone County. These projects will include hazardous fuels removal, Russian olive eradication, annual wildlife habitat improvements and riparian zone restoration. This ongoing project will take place over the winter as schedules and weather allows. Previously cut piles of Russian olive tree slash will be burned and small tracts of lands in both Sundance and Pompeys will be burned in the spring.

For additional information please call Heather O’Hanlon, BLM Fire Mitigation/Education Specialist, at 406-896-2836 or email at Heather_O’

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