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This log tracks initiation and approval of environmental documents that are being or have been completed as part of the BLM's responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  As a member of the public, you are invited to provide comments/concerns on any of the proposed actions associated with this NEPA log.  These comments will be considered during the NEPA analysis and decisionmaking process for the applicable project. Under the column "Comment Period," Y means there is a formal comment period during a definite period. N means there is no formal comment period and comments should be submitted prior to the estimated decision date. Please feel free to provide comments to or request information from the contact identified on the log.  You may also submit written comments to the Bureau of Land Management, Lewistown Field Office, 920 NE Main Street, Lewistown, MT 59457.

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NEPA # DOI-BLM-MT-L070-2014-Project NameProject Type (Reource Program)Project Location (include county)Contact/PhoneInitiation DateComment Period (Y/N)Decision Date (Estimate/Actual)Cooperators (if any-Y/N)
0001-EADog Creek SRP RecreationT20-23N, R16-22E, Fergus County Kelly McGill 538-1905 11/22/13 N 4/28/2014 N
0002-DNAHerbicide Treatment Invasive Species UMRBNM Kenny Keever 262-2828 11/25/13 N 2/5/2014 N
0003-EAWhite Rocks Grazing Allotment Transfer & Modification RangeT26N, R13E, Secs. 19, 29, 30, 32 - Chouteau County Ben Hileman 406-262-2826 8/21/2009 N3/1/2016  N



Monument Road Damage TransportationT22N, R22E, Secs. 34 & 35; T23N, R22E, Sec. 32; T23N, R21E, Sec. 21 - Fergus County Chad Krause 406-538-1908 1/22/2014 Y (4/18/2014 to 5/19/2014) 6/6/14 N
0005-CXNLCS Cottonwood PlantingsRiparian and RecreationChouteau County, T23N, R14E, Sec. 4 & 5 (Dark Butte Boat Camp)  Chad Krause 406-538-1908 2/14/2014 N 2/20/2014 N
0006-EAWoodhawk Permit Renewal RangeFergus County T22 and T23 Tom Darrington 406-538-1914  N 3/21/2014 N
0007-EABullwhacker #6181 Grazing Permit Modification RangeBlaine County T24-26N, R19-21 E Ben Hileman 406-262-2826 9/26/2013 N 2/25/16 N
0008-CXNorthwestern Energy Pipeline Renewal Realty

Blaine & Fergus Counties T. 23 N., R. 18 & 19 E.

 Deb Tucek 406-538-1900 5/21/2014 N 9/9/14 N
0009-CXUMRBNM Exclosure Fence Repairs Recreation T. 22-24 N., R. 12 E., R. 15 E., R. 21 E. Mark Schaefer 6/11/2014 N 9/15/14 N
0010-EA Bullwhacker Access Road Re-route Recreation Blaine County Mike Kania 7/28/2014 Y 2/28/16 N
 0011-EAOld PN Road RelocationRealty  T. 22 N., R. 16 E. Deb Tucek 7/31/2014 N 11/13/14 N
 0012-DNASchwenke Pipeline Reroute  Range Phillips County, T. 23 N., R. 22 E., Sec. 11 Ben Hileman 9/12/2014 N 11/24/15 N
 0013-CX JBO Productions Realty Phillips County, T. 22 N., R. 24 E. Deb Tucek 9/15/2014 N 10/2/14 N

Last updated: 03-23-2016