Guiding Principles

We strive for these principles in the way we conduct ourselves and in the eyes of the public we serve.

  • We act with integrity to earn and keep the trust and respect of all citizens. 
  • We are committed to superb public service, accountability, and transparency. 
  • We place top priority on sustaining and restoring land health. 
  • We are a sound investment for America by achieving a high return for the taxpayer’s dollar (5:1). 
  • We showcase the Bureau of Land Management and our work with enthusiasm and pride. 
  • We promote a diverse and safe work environment where all employees are valued, motivated, productive, and have opportunities to grow. 
  • We foster statewide teamwork by sharing resources and supporting each other. 
  • We are fiscally responsible and continuously seek opportunities to increase efficiency. 
  • We forge collaborative and cohesive partnerships with local and state governments, federal agencies, tribes, private landowners, and NGOs as the key to success.

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