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The BLM maintains a large number of camping sites on public land; the public is welcome to make use of the facilities provided. Click here for more information on our recreations sites which contain campgrounds. BLM offices also have printed information on campgrounds.

The BLM and U.S. Forest Service regulate the use of roads, trails, and lands under their jurisdiction to accomplish specific land management objectives, protect resources, and provide public safety. This may involve the restriction or closure of certain areas to vehicles, etc. To avoid any inconvenience to you, we advise that you check for any restrictions posted at these sites. You may want to consult the local BLM or U.S. Forest Service office for the most current information and more specific information; fire danger information can also be provided.

There are no designated long-term camping areas in Montana, North Dakota or South Dakota; the maximum stay is 16 days.

Camping is permitted on BLM lands that have not been developed as a camp site. You must have legal access to the area and travel on existing roads and trails. The maximum stay is also 16 days.

For other information on camping opportunities in Montana, North Dakota or South Dakota, you may want to contact the appropriate tourism office:

Travel Montana
1424 9th Ave.
Helena MT 59620

South Dakota Tourism
Capital Lake Plaza
Pierre SD 57501

North Dakota Tourism
PO Box 2057
Bismarck ND 58503-2057

For further information on recreation you can browse the following web site: http://www.recreation.gov

We ask you to follow a policy of "Treading Lightly." By picking up litter, avoiding travel that could damage the land, observing signs and posted areas, leaving all gates as you found them, and asking permission to enter private lands, you will enhance the public's opportunity to enjoy these lands in the future. We hope you enjoy your camping experience on BLM lands.



Last updated: 06-28-2012