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Wood is scarce in the more popular campsites, so a gas stove or charcoal grill is recommended (especially when drought conditions exist). If you choose to have a campfire, please use existing metal fire rings because even small fires can leave scars that last a long time. It’s a good idea to collect firewood during the day if you plan an evening fire. Cutting live or standing timber for firewood is not permitted.

Make sure your fire is dead out before retiring – drown it with water, stir the remains, drown again and check around the fire ring. Before the start of your trip, check with any Montana BLM office to find out if fire restrictions are in effect. The BLM may issue fire restrictions at anytime depending on conditions. Be sure to check with the Fort Benton River Management Station concerning possible fire restrictions prior to departure.

Please don't burn trash or leave food, plastic or metal in a fire ring. Emissions from burning trash can be harmful, and embers can waft into the air creating potential fire situations (especially toilet paper). All trash including food scraps should be packed out.


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