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Planning a visit to the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

The public lands of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, both under federal and state management, make a significant contribution to the local lifestyle and the regional economy. Within the monument you can float the river, fish, hike, hunt, camp, drive for pleasure, find a little solitude, enjoy a sense of exploration or simply marvel at the variety of resources around you.

Vast portions of the monument are serviced only by graveled and unimproved roads. Much of the monument is not accessible by any road, inviting visitors to explore on foot.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the Missouri Breaks Interpretive Center, 701 7th Street, Fort Benton, MT 59442. Staff will be able to assist with maps, local outfitters, closure information, and general safety tips. All visitors are encouraged to carry a map and have basic land navigation skills before exploring the remote areas of the monument.
In some areas, the BLM lands are intermingled with State of Montana lands and private property. It is important that visitors enjoying the public lands of the monument remember to respect the rights of private land owners and be aware of trespassing.

If you are planning an outing on the river, our staff at the Fort Benton River Management Station will help you prepare for a safe and enjoyable trip. Please utilize the online tools, call us toll free at 877-256-3252, click here to contact us via e-mail, or visit in person at the Fort Benton River Management Station. We are located at 701 7th Street, Fort Benton, Montana 59442.

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Whether you're interested in floating, hiking, birdwatching, history, hunting, or camping, there's a place to do that in the Monument. Click on the topics on the right for more information.

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