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 Use of Motorized Watercraft

Since 1976 there have been seasonal boating restrictions on the “wild and scenic” segments of the Upper Missouri National Wild & Scenic River. 

Open Segments (In these segments, motorized travel upstream and downstream is allowed all year long.)

  • Fort Benton to Pilot Rock (River mile 0 to 52)
  • Deadman’s Rapids to Holmes Council Island (River mile 84.5 to 92.5)
Seasonally Restricted Segments (June 15 through September 15)
  • Pilot Rock to Deadman’s Rapids (River Mile 52 to 84.5)Motorized watercraft travel downstream only at no-wake speeds: DAILY (Sunday thru Saturday)
  • Holmes Council Island to Fred Robinson Bridge (River Mile 92.5 to 149)
    • Motorized watercraft travel downstream only at no-wake speeds: THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY
    • No motorized watercraft travel: SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY
  • In these segments, upstream travel by motorized watercraft is limited to administrative, emergency, or law enforcement watercraft only.  A no-wake speed is defined as a speed where no white water occurs in the path of the vessel or in waves created by the vessel.
If you are planning a trip with a motorboat and are unfamiliar with the river, please contact the BLM at (877) 256-3252 or the Chouteau County Sheriff at (406) 622-5451. Depending on water levels and the size of your boat, there are inherent dangers with gravel bars, rocks, and other hazards.  

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