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South Dakota Draft Resource Management Plan GIS Data

All data downloads are in zip format (.zip)
Data is in Geodatabase (version 9.3) format

Figure 2-01 ACECs
Figure 2-02 Fort Meade Special Recreation Area
Figure 2-03 Exemption Area

Figure 3-01 Class1 Air Quality Areas
Figure 3-15 Potential Occurrence Oil & Gas
Figure 3-17 Coal Bearing Strata
Figure 3-22 BHAS Igloo Depot
Figure 4-01 OG RFD
Figure 4-02 Wind Energy Potential
Map 1-01 through Map1-02 SMA
Map 1-03 Federal Mineral Exclusion Areas
Map 2-01 Center of The Nation Proposed Travel Management Area
Map 2-02 Land Retention Zone Alternatives
Map 2-03 Bighorn Sheep Management Areas
Map 2-04 Sage Grouse PPA GHA Alternatives B&D
Map 2-05 Sage Grouse PPA GHA Alternative C
Map 2-06 Sagebrush Inventory
Map 2-07 Geologic Map Of SouthDakota


Map 2-8 Bentonite Mining
Map 2-9 Sage Grouse & Big Game Wintering Areas
Map 2-10 Fire Planning Units Communities at Risk
Map 2-11 through Map2-14 Grazing Allotments
Map 2-15 through Map2-18 ROW Alternatives
Map 2-19 through Map2-23 WPC Renew ROW Alternatives
Map 2-24 Exemption Cattle Sheep Capability
Map2-25 Oil Gas Stipulations A
Map 2-26 Oil Gas Stipulations B
Map 2-27 Oil Gas Stipulations C
Map 2-28 Oil Gas Stipulations D
Map 2-29 through Map2-32 VRM Alternatives
Map 2-33 Vegetation Landfire

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