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Volunteer Opportunities 

Are you interested in helping the BLM preserve Garnet Ghost Town?  Is so, consider participating in our summer volunteer program.

Volunteers can assist the professional recreation staff with any or all of the following management activities:

  • Provide visitor information
  • Maintenance and stabilization of historic structures
  • Lead tours of the ghost town
  • Merchandise sales at visitor center
  • Assist with the development of interpretive signs and exhibits
  • Assist with brushing and cutting trails

The BLM will provide lodging in town and a small stipend.  Lodging is in a primitive log cabin with a propane refrigerator, cook stoves, and lights--but no electricity or running water.

Volunteers will be insured against injuries sustained while on the job through federal workman's compensation and will be covered under laws related to the Tort Claims Act.

Volunteer positions are available from June 1 to September 30.  The BLM requests a minimum of one month's commitment.

Please contact the Missoula Field Office (406-329-3914) for more information.