Miles City Field Office Recreation

map showing recreation sites in the Miles City Field Office

Miles City Field Office Recreation Guidelines:

*  ROADS CAN BE IMPASSIBLE WHEN WET.  Please do not drive on primitive roads in wet conditions. 
*  Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks regulations apply on all BLM-administered Public Lands. Know the regs. 
*  Access to private lands requires landowner permission first. Be respectful of private property.
*  All off-road travel is prohibited. Designated OHV Areas are the only exception.
*  BLM boundaries are generally NOT marked.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION.
*  Camp at least 600 feet from water sources. 
*  Camping limit: 14-days in established campgrounds; 16-days for dispersed camping.
*  Campers may drive to dispersed campsites only within 300’ of an open road, and after locating the campsite on foot.
*  Be mindful of local fire restrictions; they change frequently.
*  Pack-out what you Pack-in; including hides from harvested game animals.
*  Removal of historic, archeological or paleontological artifacts is prohibited.
*  Wash vehicles before and after travel to avoid spreading noxious weeds.

Access issues and violations? Report to the BLM Miles City Field Office (406) 233-2800, 1-800-826-3023 or 1-800-TIP-MONT (847-6668).