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Reporting Wildland Fires

To report a wildland fire
Call 1-877-569-FIRE(3473) or 406-233-2900
or DIAL 911

When visiting your public lands, you can provide a greatly appreciated fire prevention service by looking for and reporting wildland fires to federal, state or local fire agencies.  The timely reporting of a wildland fire to the appropriate dispatch office is critical in the successful management of the fire and ensuring public safety.  Information you pass on to a dispatcher will assist the wildland fire agency in responding in a timely and appropriate manner.       

Checklist for Reporting a Fire

When you report a fire, the dispatcher will ask some questions to gather information about the fire.  This information will help determine the appropriate fire management response.  The checklist below gives examples of the information the dispatcher may request.

Your name & phone numberA dispatcher may need to call you back for further information.  
Location of the fireBe as specific as possible.  Identify highway milepost markers, landmarks, etc.  
Time the fire was discoveredThis information will help to determine the initial start time of the fire.  
Size of the fire

Approximate acres is helpful.

Fuels that are burningGrass, brush, timber, slash, etc.
Appearance of smoke

Smoke column size: small, medium, large
Color: white, gray, blue, black, yellow, copper
Character: thin, heavy, billowing, drifting
Increasing or decreasing

Direction the fire is spreading North, south, east or west?
Structures threatened Is anything in the way of the fire, such as houses, outbuildings, campgrounds, etc.? 
Do you know what started the fire?  

Any information you may have as to how the fire was started will assist the BLM in its investigation.

Media & Public Fire Information

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Last updated: 06-28-2012