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Ekalaka & Camp Crook Fire Stations

Location & Basic Responsibility Area

The Ekalaka (Montana) and Camp Crook (South Dakota) Fire Stations cover the southeastern portion of the Eastern Montana Fire Zone (EMFZ). The Ekalaka Fire Station is located approximately 117 miles southeast of Miles City, while the Camp Crook Fire Station is approximately 170 miles southeast of Miles City and only three miles from the Montana/South Dakota border. 

The Ekalaka station is staffed by one Type 6 engine.  The Camp Crook station is staffed by a Fire Operations Supervisor and one Type 6 engine.  BLM employees at these stations respond to wildland fires in Montana and South Dakota on BLM, state, private and Custer National Forest, Sioux Ranger District, lands. The following counties fall under the Ekalaka and Camp Crook responsibility area:

Montana – Carter, Fallon and Wibaux
South Dakota – Harding

Points of Interest

This area features numerous points of interest including unique rock formations, landmarks, and a wide variety of historical information. Medicine Rocks State Park and the Carter County Museum are located in Ekalaka. The Chalk Buttes, Long Pines, and Ekalaka Hills in Montana and the Slim Buttes, Cave Hills, and Short Pines in South Dakota are part of the Custer National Forest and feature the following points of interest:

Capitol Rock--National Landmark--Long Pines
The Castles--National Landmark--Slim Buttes
Battle of the Slim Buttes--Reva, South Dakota
Camp Needmore--Ekalaka Hills

For more information, please visit the Visit Montana webpage, as well as the Custer National Forest/Sioux Ranger District webpage.

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