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workers coax fossils from the soil students visit dig surveying a dig locals visit a site
Fossil Preparator Anna Gill from Rockford, Ill. (right) and Michelle Heider from Jamesville, Wis. (left) work on a Carter County microsite, teasing crocodile scutes, gar scales and other tiny fossils from the soil Aug. 9.

Augustana College Preparatory Lab Supervisor Josh Matthews, Rock Island, Ill., discusses the hadrosaur being excavated under permit by the Burpee Museum in Carter County with members of the visiting public Aug. 9. The Burpee Museum has been returning to eastern Montana for a number of summers and also has current excavations in Utah.

Field Supervisor and Physical Science-Geology faculty member Carl Campbell operates a GigaPan camera system to take a panoramic image of the Hell Creek and other associated formations in Garfield County July 14. Campbell will incorporate specialized software to "stitch" the images together for later analysis and study.

Scott Williams (right) of the Burpee Museum of Natural History details the specifics of a triceratops skeleton being recovered from BLM land in Carter County to a group from Miles City Aug. 9. Williams is a long-time regular in this area, supervising Burpee Museum field crews and activities.

Last updated: 06-28-2012