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Coal Bed Natural Gas

  • Montana State Oil and Gas Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Amendment
    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), and Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (MBOGC), (State) as joint lead agenices, have prepared the Statewide Oil and Gas Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Amendment of the Powder River and Billings Resource Management Plans (RMPs). The FEIS focuses on the potential impacts of coal bed natural gas exploration and production in 16 counties of southcentral and southeastern Montana. The effects of anticipated conventional oil and gas development is also analyzed.  
  • Handbook on Coal Bed Methane Produced Water: Management and Beneficial Use Alternative
    This handbook serves as a resource for planning, understanding and implementing environmentally sound water management practices with an emphasis on the beneficial use of coal bed natural gas produced water.  
  • Final: Coal Bed Methane Primer New Source of Natural Gas-Environmental Implications
    The Primer is designed to serve as a summary document, which introduces and encapsulates information pertinent to the development of coal bed natural gas. The discussions focus on coal deposits, information pertinent to the development of coal bed natural gas. The discussions focus on coal deposits, methane as a naturally formed gas, split mineral ownership, development techniques, operational issues, producing methods, applicable regulatory frameworks, and and resource management, mitigation measures, preparation of project plans, data availability, Indian trust issues and relevant environmental technologies.  
  • Coal Bed Natural Gas APD and Project POD Guidance Manual
    Miles City Field Office Guidance Document for Coal Bed Natural Gas APDs and Project Plans of Development (POD) on Federal and Indian lands for the northern portion of the Powder River Basin located in Montana.  
  • Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Coal Bed Natural Gas
    Provides a link to the Western Governors' Association (WGA) Best Management Practices (BMPs) Handbook for Coal Bed Natural Gas. These BMPs demonstrate practical ideas of conducting Coal Bed Natural Gas operations, which may eliminate or minimize adverse impacts from CBNG development to public health and the environment, landowners, and natural resources; enhances the value of natural and landowner resources; and reduces conflict.