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The HiLine Approved Resource Management Plan (RMP) and Record of Decision for the Rocky Mountain Region (ROD) are now available online. This ROD and RMP replace 1984 West HiLine Resource Management Plan and the 1994 Judith-Valley-Phillips Resource Management Plan and provides direction for public land and federal minerals managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) HiLine District in North Central Montana. These lands and minerals are managed by three BLM Field Offices in Havre, Malta and Glasgow, along with the Great Falls Oil and Gas Field Office.

The RMP provides a framework for the future management direction and appropriate use of the HiLine District planning area, covering 2.4 million acres of public land and 4.2 million acres of federal minerals in Blaine, Chouteau, Glacier, Hill, Liberty, Phillips, Toole, and Valley Counties. This document contains land use planning decisions to guide the BLM’s management of the HiLine planning area in North Central Montana. 

The RMP was part of 15 sub-regional planning efforts conducted as part of the BLM’s National Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy. The RMPs identified conservation measures to conserve, enhance, and/or restore Greater Sage-Grouse (GRSG) habitat in response to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) March 2010 “warranted, but precluded” Endangered Species Act listing petition. The USFWS found that the inadequacy of regulatory mechanisms was identified as a significant threat to GRSG in their finding on the petition to list the GRSG. The RMP conservation measures were identified as the BLM’s principal regulatory mechanism.

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