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Forest Health and Vegetation Management for the
Judith and Moccasin Mountains

The Lewistown Field Office is working with interested parties to better manage BLM forest resources in the Judith and Moccasin Mountains. The group effort may provide opportunities to accomplish shared objectives on public lands and to coordinate treatments across ownerships. Working together may also foster monitoring and lead to better future projects.
This collaboration process began with BLM funding from the National Fire Plan that provided for cost-share agreements with local landowners for hazardous fuels reduction around homesites on private lands.  Funding and agreements were implemented by the Fergus Conservation District (FCD).
The collaborative process continued with work on the Environmental Assessment (EA) for Forest Health and Vegetation Management in the Judith and Moccasin Mountains. The EA was a cooperative plan prepared by the BLM and Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC).  The Environmental Assessment was approved in July of 2006 and provides guidance for implementing forestry and fuels treatments.
The BLM now wishes to continue collaborative efforts prior to and during project implementation. As a means to enhance and maintain this group effort, BLM is hosting meetings to discuss how interested parties can be involved. 
We encourage those interested to join scheduled discussions and help implement projects.  If you would like more information, please follow links to notes and agendas of past and future meetings.


Meeting Notes and Materials



*Decision Record and Environmental Assessment

     Park Place




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