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Upper Big Hole Watershed Assessment

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Executive Summary and Authorized Officer's Determination

     Appendix A
     Appendix B

     Map 1--Assessment Area--Allotment and Unallotted Parcel Guide

     Map 2--Riparian Reaches and Wetland Polygons (Mussigbrod, Wildwood, Doolittle, NF Big Hole, Steel Creek)

    Map 3--Riparian Reaches and Wetland Polygons (Moosehorn, Foxtail, Swamp Creek-unavailable, Big Swamp Creek, Big Swamp, Fox Gulch-unleased, Warm Springs, Inabnit Butte-unavailable)

     Map 4--Riparian Reaches and Wetland Polygons (Jumbo Mountain, Dry Creek includes Lowder Pothole Complex)
     Map 5--Big Hole Large Fire Locations
     Map 6--Recorded Fire Starts 1940-2009
     Map 7--Forest Treatment Units within the Upper Big Hole Watershed

Environmental Assessment     

     Appendix A--Maps 
       Map 1--Big Hole Assessment Area, Allotments and Vicinity
       Map 2--Mussigbrod On & Off, Wildwood Individual
       Map 3--Dry Creek and Jumbo Mountain Proposed Projects and Travel Management
       Map 4--Big Swamp Creek, Swamp Creek Proposed Projects
       Map 5--Miner Creek Unavailable and North Fork Big Hole Proposed Projects
       Map 6--Steel Creek Proposed Projects
       Map 7--Warm Springs Proposed Projects
       Map 8--Moosehorn and Foxtail Proposed Projects
     Appendix B--Upper Big Hole Watershed Monitoring Plan
     Appendix C--Sensitive Plant Species and Wildlife Species Biological Evaluations