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How to Use Bear Proof Storage Lockers

The most important part of using a bear box is what goes inside it. Make sure all food, all toiletries and all other scented items are in a scent barrier bag or canister. This includes but is not limited to all sealed or packaged food, sunscreen, soap, mosquito repellent, lip balm, deodorant, medications and feminine products. As a general rule, if you put it in your mouth or on your skin, it should be stored in a food locker. Lockers are bear tight not fly tight; food should be sealed in air tight bags, tupperware, or other air tight containers, and then put in a cooler before into the food storage locker.

The food locker only works if it is closed. Be sure to keep it closed even while you are around your campsite.

Share food storage lockers with other campers.

Take all your garbage with you when you leave an area.

Appropriate bear proof food storage.