Mining Claim Information

LR2000 - The LR2000 system provides a searchable database for public reports concerning the Bureau of Land Management’s land and mineral use, including unpatented mining claims.  There are help guides and user information on the LR2000 website.

The LR2000 Guide PDF in the right column of this page shows how to generate a Mining Claim report for a selected Township, Range and Section.
It also contains links to additional LR2000 help information.

GeoCommunicator Map Viewer - You can use GeoCommunicator's interactive map viewer to find the State, Principal Meridian, Township, Range, and Section information for the area you are interested in.  This information can be used to run LR2000 Geographic Reports.  There is a brief over-view of this process at the bottom of the LR2000 main page.


Special Publication 87

A Guide to Staking Mining Claims in Montana

This book contains useful information regarding mining claims in Montana.  It is available from the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology.


Special Publication 106

Guidelines for planning, erosion control and reclamation


Recreational Gold Prospecting on Public Lands

For more information on Mining visit the BLM Montana/Dakotas Mining Page.

Butte Field Office
Mining Claim Information Packet

Available below are the individual mining packet
forms in PDF format:

LR2000 Guide

Mining Claim Information

Mining Claim Fee Changes

Mining Claim Fee Requirements

Things to Watch For

OHV Regulations

Affidavit of Annual Assessment Work

Maintenance Fee Waiver Form

Notice of Location

MCA 7-4-2636 Information

Lode Certificate of Location

Placer Certificate of Location

Notice for Exploration Activity

Plan of Operations