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Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Population Control 2006

(all files are in pdf format)

Environmental Assessment
    Dear Reader Letter
    Environmental Assessment 
    Appendix 1--Late Fall and Early Spring Horse Distribution 1995-2001
    Appendix 2--Summer Horse Distribution 2003-2005
    Appendix 3--2006 Protocol For The Treatment Of Wild Mares With A Porcine Zona Pellucida Contraceptive (PZP)
    Appendix 4--2006 Standard Operating Procedures for Bait-Trapping and Removal of Excess Horses from the PMWHR
    Appendix 5--Distribution List

Decision Record
    Decision Record and Finding of No Significant Impact (June 29, 2006)
    Dear Reader Letter
    Rationale for releasing decision as effective upon issuance
    Appendix 1--2006 Proposed Fertility Control and Removal
    Appendix 2--2006 Sealed Bid Adoption
    Attachment 1--Summary of Public Comments and BLM Responses