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    FY2005: Use of Fertility Control on Mares 11 Years of Age
    and Older to Suppress Herd Growth Rates

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Environmental Assessment 
    Interest Letter
    Environmental Assessment
    PMWHR EA Figures 1-18
    Appendix 1: Public Horse List (April 8,2005)
    Appendix 2: Forest Service Letter dated November 5, 2004
    Appendix 3: National Park Service Letter dated November 30, 2004
    Appendix 4: 2005 Protocol for the Treatment of Wild Mares on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range with a Porcine Zona Pellucida
                          Contraceptive Vaccine
    Appendix 5: PMWHR Distribution List of Public Reviewers

Decision Record 
    Dear Interested Party 
    Decision Record 
    Table 1: PMWHR Herd Demographic Estimates 1996-2007
    Table 2: PMWHR Herd Size Estimates 1996-2007
    Table 3: Production and Survival of Foals from PMWHR Mares 11 Years and Older
    Figure 1: PMWHR Fertility Control Database (July 27, 2005)
    Figure 2: Hypothetical Immune Response to PZP Vaccine in Five PMWHR Yearling Mares
    Figure 3: Patterns of Foal Loss PMWHR 1999-2005