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BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program Logo2012 Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Bait Trap Gather

The BLM has concluded the 2012 bait trap gather.  In total, 38 horses and six foals were removed from the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, bringing the herd close to the important appropriate management level of horses the range can sustain. 

Thirty-one excess wild horses and four foals were removed from the high elevation areas of the mountain. For the low elevation areas, seven out of 15 excess wild horses identified in the Environmental Assessment for removal, as well as two foals, have been taken off the arid Dryhead area of the range.  Twenty-seven band horses remain in the Dryhead portion, along with 10 bachelors that frequent the area.  While bait trapping, the BLM actually gathered a total of 146 horses. However, only 38 select horses and six foals were removed based on several factors, including age, sex, genetics and how well the bloodline of the horse was represented on the range. 

All horses removed during this gather were offered for adoption on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012.  A total of 38 adults and 7 foals (Jicarilla had her foal after being removed from the range, which added another foal to the total) were successfully adopted to good homes.  

The BLM would like to thank the National Park Service for its partnering efforts during the wild horse gather.  The National Park Service also assists the BLM in other management actions on the wild horse range, including the installation of water guzzlers, spring developments and riparian protections. The agency is also the primary applicator of fertility control to the herd.


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     - July 25, 2012

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38 and 6 foals

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