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Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range

 Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range

About the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range

A horse on the rangeMontana is home to only one herd of wild horses, located in the Pryor Mountains south of Billings along the Montana-Wyoming border. There are no wild horse herds in the Dakotas. 

For more than a century, the Pryor Mountains have been home to free-roaming bands of wild horses.  In 1968, Interior Secretary Stewart Udall set aside 31,000 acres in the Pryor Mountains as a public range for the wild horses living there. Subsequent to Udall's order, the passage of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act in 1971 allowed for expansion of the range to areas where horses were "presently found."

The Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range is unique in both its setting and for the wild horses that inhabit it.  Many of the horses have primitive striping on their backs, withers and legs, and are reputed to be descendents of "colonial" Spanish horses. 

To assist in educating the public about the Pryor Mountain wild horse herd, the BLM partners with the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center located in Lovell, Wyoming.  For more information about the center, please click here

Learn more about the national wild horse and burro program following this link .

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Click to download Wild Horses and Burrous Jonior Explorer Activity Guide 

New Junior Explorer Activity Guide: Wild Horses and Burros

BLM’s Junior Explorer program helps introduce young explorers to the lands and resources that the BLM manages. The latest publication, Wild Horses and Burros, focuses on these living symbols of the American West.  Students can work through the activities on their own or invite a parent or an adult to join in the fun. The guide includes the Junior Explorer pledge, a certificate, and additional information about wild horses and burros on the public lands.

Activities include:
  • Horses, Burros, and Humans: A Long History;
  • Roaming the Range: Where Do Wild Horses and Burros Live?;
  • Brrr!! Freezemark Identification; and
  • Tips for Interacting with Wild Horses and Burros





To download a PDF version of the activity book, select this link.  For more information about this and other Junior Explorer materials, select this link.