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Billings Field Office Travel Management

Use the map below or the links on the right to learn more about The Billings Field Office Travel Management Areas. 

Billings Field Office Travel Managment Map

Travel Management Area
Gage Dome
Grove Creek
Mill Creek
South Hills
Tin Can Hill

Travel Management changes between Draft and Final

A total of 17 individual route changes were made in the Travel Management Areas (TMAs) between Draft and Final.  After all changes, a total of two routes with four miles were found to be county maintained and approximately 3.3 cumulative miles were changed from an open to motorized use to a limited or closed to motorized use category. 

Gage Dome TMA deleted:  GD1003
Horsethief TMA deleted:  HT1003
Cottonwood/Weatherman Draw TMA updated:  CW1030, CW2014, CW2080
Pryor Mountain TMA updated:  PM1007, PM1008, PM1009, PM1013, PM1024, PM1024a, PM1032, PM1032a, PM1034, PM1055, PM1068, PM1076, PM1081, PM1140