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RMP Revision Documents
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RMP Revision Documents

Preparation Plan: The preparation plan provides the foundation for the entire planning process by identifying the preliminary issues to be addressed, the skills needed to address them, a preliminary budget that can be used for the entire cost estimate, preliminary planning criteria, and data and metadata available and needed. A comphrehensive preparation plan provides management direction, oversight, structure, cost estimate, and a focus for the planning process.

Scoping Meeting Materials: Scoping is a collaborative public involvement process in which the BLM asks the public and other agencies to identify planning issues to be addressed in the planning process. The following scoping information packets provide the public with a great deal of background information regarding much of our current management (see planning area map).

Reference Documents

Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario for the Billings/Pompeys Pillar Resource Management Plan | Stratigraphic Table from document

1984 Billings Resource Management Plan 

Montana/Dakotas Recreation Strategy (4 mb)

 BLM Planning and NEPA Guidance Documents