Below are listed the Case Disposition by title and a brief explanation of each:

Disposition | Disposition Code |Explanation

Void 1 A serial number was issued in error.

Pending 2 A case awaiting BLM authorization.

Rejected 3 A case determined unacceptable after investigation.

Withdrawn 4 A case no longer pursued, as requested by applicant.

Authorized 5 An issued lease, permit, license, patent, or order.

Canceled 6 Primarily, an authorization issued in error. An authorization.

may also be canceled or terminated for failure to meet authorized

use requirements.

Expired 7 The term of a case has elapsed.

Relinquished 8 A case that has been surrendered after authorization.

Closed 9 Case considered Adead@. These can be rejected, withdrawn, canceled,

expired, or relinquished cases.


Action Code that sets Disposition in Case Recordation

Case Disposition | Action Code | Action Code Description

Pending 124 Application Received

Pending 387 Case Established

Pending 388 Case Reinstated-Reopened

Pending 929 New Priority Established

Rejected 125 Application Rejected/Denied

Withdrawn 130 Application Withdrawn

Authorized 334 Agreement Approved

Authorized 887 Agreement Signed

Authorized 113 Allotment Certificate Issued

Authorized 134 Approval Given

Authorized 855 Clear List Approved

Authorized 634 Deferment Granted

Authorized 345 Easement Issue

Authorized 868 Effective Date

Authorized 197 Entry Allowed

Authorized 237 Lease Issued

Authorized 242 Lease Renewed

Authorized 705 Order Issued

Authorized 271 Patent Issued

Authorized 276 Permit-License Issued

Authorized 279 Permit-License Renewed

Authorized 037 Post Authorization Application Withdrawn

Authorized 039 Post Authorization Application Denied

Authorized 620 Quit Claim Deed- Disclaimer Issued

Authorized 282 Reinstatement Petition Approved

Authorized 304 Right-of-Way Modified-Amended

Authorized 307 Right-of-Way Issued

Authorized 308 Right-of-Way Renewed

Authorized 865 Title Accepted by United States

Authorized 018 Trespass Resolved

Authorized 402 Trespass Unresolved

Canceled 199 Canceled by Decision

Canceled 175 Classification Revoked-Terminated

Canceled 176 Patent Canceled

Canceled 244 Terminated

Canceled 804 Withdrawal Revoked/Vacated

Expired 234 Expired

Relinquished 310 Relinquishment Accepted

Closed 970 Case Closed

Closed 967 Closed without action