Bureau of Land Management's
Land & Mineral Legacy Rehost 2000 System - LR2000

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The Bureau of Land Management's Legacy Rehost System called LR2000 provides reports on BLM land and mineral use authorizations for oil, gas, and geothermal leasing, rights-of-ways, coal and other mineral development, land and mineral title, mining claims, withdrawals, classifications, and more on federal lands or on federal mineral estate.

The following types of reports are available in LR2000:

  • New Reports:
  • Serial Register Page - provides all online information about the authorization including status, geographic location, authorized land, customer information, acreage, dates (effective, expiration, etc), and other information.
  • Customer Information Reports - provides all the authorizations, mining claims, etc. for a customer.
  • Geographic Reports - provides a listing of authorizations, mining claims, title, etc. within a specific geographic area and may include serial number, acreage, authorized land, customer info, federal agency, authorization type and disposition (active, closed, pending, etc). Statistical reports for an area can also be run. More ...

LR2000 Legacy Rehost 2000 system
System Requirements

  • IE v6+, or Firefox
  • Enable TLS 1.0
  • Enable popups
  • Enable Scripting

LR2000 Information and Help Guides to get you started:

LR2000 provides access to the following systems.To run reports you will need to know which of the following systems the information you are looking for is in:

  • Case Recordation (CR) contains information on land and mineral use authorizations, title, withdrawals, classifications, and more issued by the BLM on federal actions affecting public lands of the United States. More ...
  • Mining Claim Recordation (MC) contains information on unpatented mining claims located on federal lands.     More ...
  • Status contains information on withdrawals, land classifications, and title transfer documents issued mainly before 1984. Title documents transferred lands in and out of government ownership. More ...
  • Legal Land Description (LLD) contains cadastral survey data and other information such as state, county, BLM field office, and surface management agencies (BLM, Forest Service, etc.). More ...

GeoCommunicator Interactive Map Viewer

Interactive Map Viewer Showing Township/Section

Don't know the Township and Range Information for running a LR2000 Geographic Report?

You can use GeoCommunicator's interactive map viewer to find the State, Principal Meridian, Township, Range, and Section information for the area you are interested in. Once you locate the land description you can use this information to run LR2000 Geographic Reports. To find the land description follow the guidelines below:

  • Bring up the Map Viewer
  • Go to your area of interest by using any of the following tools: Zoom In, Place Name, or Lat/long (if you have the coordinates for your claim or area).
  • Once you have have located your area on the map, click in the box next to the PLSS ("Public Land Survey System") map layer folder to display the township data on the map.
  • Click the Identify tool at the top of the map and then click in your area on the map to get the location information. The information will be displayed on the "Call Out" on the map or under the PLSS tab on the Identify window.
  • Use the Township information to run LR2000 Geographic Reports.
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